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At we are dedicated to bringing you the best information on nursing  accessories. Read through our pages to find out more about nursing and medical supplies, as well as handy buying guides on what to look for in your nursing and medical supply purchases.



A watch is an excellent gift for a nurse, as he or she will always need to check the time and even use the watch as an aid in exams, such as checking for blood pressure and heart rate. Traditional watches can be worn in many practices, but scrub watches are also available for nurses who need functionality and durability in a watch. Watches for nurses come in many fun themes just for their profession, and many have both twelve and twenty-four hour clocks.

What to Consider When Buying a Watch for a Nurse

When giving a nurse a watch as a gift, first determine if you are giving the watch as a novelty or jewelry item, or if you would like him or her to actually wear the watch every day. There are many fun and beautiful choices in traditional watches themed for nurses, and there are also many novelty watches with fun prints, cartoon characters, and causes such as breast cancer awareness, printed on the strap or face of the watch. These watches make wonderful gifts, but may not be suitable for everyday wear in some nursing settings. If you wish to give a functional watch, scrub watches are also available in many colors and styles. Scrub watches are water resistant and made of rubber or plastic. A nurse with a scrub watch will not have to worry about breaking the watch or snagging it on clothing, and the watch can easily be washed if contaminated.


Nurse Gifts

Buying a gift for a nurse can be as difficult as buying a gift for anyone, but thanks to the explosion of nurse-themed gifts available today you have a good chance of selecting a gift your nurse will love. Gifts for nurses range from the practical, such as travel mugs and pen lanyards, to novel, such as nurse jewelry and decorative items commemorating nursing accomplishments.

What to Consider When Buying a Gift for a Nurse

When buying a gift for anyone it’s good to know their attitude about gifts they’ve received and the kinds of purchases they make for themselves. Are they practical or do they like to be given little tokens of appreciation? Knowing your nurse can make all the difference. But chances are the nurse you are choosing a gift for has a practical streak – any useful gift will be appreciated.

If you know your nurse likes all kinds of traditional gifts such as jewelry, then anything goes! But if he or she is more practical, you may choose an item that will help with everyday nursing duties. Anyone on the go needs a pen – a novelty pen or an engraved pen (perhaps with a lanyard so it doesn’t get lost) will help with note taking and chart filling. Lanyards, retractable badge clips, and wrist coils by themselves make great gifts, as you can’t imagine all the keys, badges, etc. a nurse may have to keep track of. An item like a decorative name badge holder can act as both a fashion piece and a functional item. Selecting a gift that is personal in style but functional at work is sure to make a great impression on any nurse.